The Coburg Cow is an iconic sign on Savannah Highway in West Ashley. It was erected in 1959 by the Roberts Sign Company and features a rotating cow below the large Coburg sign.

In 2009, enforcement of sign height zoning ordinances along Savannah Highway were halted when business owners with signs that were too tall complained that the Coburg sign was too tall. An exception was made for the Coburg sign and all other signs must be below the maximum sign height.

Coburg was purchased by Borden in 2011, but Borden has stated that they have no intention of removing the sign or changing the Coburg sign to Borden.

In 2012, the land owners of the Coburg property presented a housing development plan. Plans for the sign were not included in the development plan.


Coburg (now Borden) changes the cows or adds costumes to them for holidays.

Since the cow was installed, students have vandalized and rode the cow. It is illegal and has lead to many arrests.

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